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Brown Jordan Patio Furniture in Willow Grove, PA

It costs thousands of dollars to replace your outdoor patio and pool furniture.  Rather than spending this money, you can have our expert service pick up your Brown Jordan patio furniture in Willow Grove, PA, repair, refinish, re-strap or re-sling it, then bring it back to you for a fraction of the price it would cost to replace it!  A high-end new patio table and chairs can cost upwards of at least $ 2000, and if your Brown Jordan set needs only refinishing, re-strapping or restoring, you can save a bundle.  In many cases, the furniture you now have is made well, built to last for generations, and perfect for your home.  It might be almost impossible to purchase comparable quality any price.


The Southern Company has been in the business of Brown Jordan outdoor furniture repairs since 1984.  We have helped thousands of homeowners save considerably by repairing, rather than replacing outdoor furniture.

The reason that Brown Jordan refinishing makes sense is that there are many things that simply wear out on your patio furniture, but the overall frame remains stable and solid.  Many times the most susceptible part to wear and tear is the vinyl strapping or mesh slings, and this can be easily repaired.  Vinyl straps can be replaced, new slings can be custom cut and installed. All will be repaired economically, making Brown Jordan restoration a wise decision. The furniture will look like new. We can match most vinyl strap colors with 100% virgin vinyl strapping.  For the Brown Jordan outdoor furniture with slings, we stock over 90 different fabrics.

If the existing paint is a little tired we can sandblast and powdercoat.  This is part of the overall Brown Jordan refinishing. There are many other areas that wear out on pool and patio furniture, and we can make all of them look like new!

Here is a sampling of what we can do to make your old patio furnitue look like new:

  • Refinish Wrought Iron
  • Custom Patio Furniture Sling Replacement
  • Restrap Pool Furniture
  • Relace Brown Jordan Chairs
  • Powdercoating
  • Patio Table Repair
  • Cast Aluminum Repainting

Our service extends from Connecticut to Virginia, with Pick Up & Delivery in CT, NY, NJ, PA , DE, MD, DC, VA

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