Re-strapping Patio Furniture in Pennsylvania

You’ve got a favorite chair or lounger on your deck, and you just don’t want to get rid of it. Rather than throwing it out and adding more junk to already overcrowded landfills, the solution is re-strapping patio furniture in PA.

At The Southern Company, we will help you save money and keep the furniture you like. Re-strapping is the ideal way to renew structurally sound furniture and add new life and brilliance to it. We can make old furniture look factory fresh and give you years of additional service and comfort.

Our focus is on updating and upgrading high-end outdoor patio furniture, particularly pieces from companies such as Brown Jordan. When we are re-strapping outdoor furniture, we use only the best materials available so that you start with a quality deck chair or lounger and finish with a product that’s just as good, if not better, than it was when new.

Our services include not only re-strapping, but we also provide sling replacement and re-lacing for furniture. If the weather and time haven’t been kind to the finish on your chairs and tables, we can restore that aspect of them with durable powder coating. We also provide repainting of cast aluminum products. Contact us to get your patio or pool furniture looking like new.

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