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When someone chooses The Southern Company for Brown Jordan repair, they are assured a professional service and product.  Every piece of furniture that leaves our warehouse is 100% guaranteed.  As part orf the refurbishing process, you will be given instructions on how to care for your newly restored Brown Jordan furniture to keep it looking brand new.  Knowing what to use for cleaning is important.   The knowledge of what not to use....even more so.  Your original investment in Brown Jordan is worth preserving.  Save money by recycling and reinvesting in what you already own.


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Brown Jordan Outdoor Furniture Repairs in Willow Grove, PA

Since 1985, The Southern Company has restored patio and lawn furniture to like-new condition. We specialize in repainting, re-strapping, and re-slinging high-end patio furniture, particularly items from the Brown Jordan brand. Call us for Brown Jordan outdoor furniture repairs in Willow Grove, PA, that extend the lifespan and improve the appearance of your patio’s chairs and chaise lounges.

Replacing outdated and damaged patio furniture is a major expense. Chances are there’s a lot of life left in your chairs and lounges. With our services, you can get more out of your existing furniture for an affordable price. We’ll come to you, pick up your furniture, restore it at our warehouse, and bring it back to you as good as new.

Refinishing Metal Garden Furniture and Other Outdoor Items

If your furniture is structurally sound, recycling the functional parts just makes more sense than spending more on new items. Our authorized repair and warranty representatives for Brown Jordan, Tropitone, Woodard, and Winston will refinish your wrought-iron chairs, re-mesh your fabric lounges, re-strap your vinyl seating, and much more.


Our thousands of satisfied customers can be found from New York to Virginia. At least once a week, one of our trucks should be near your location. We welcome the opportunity to add you to the growing list of folks who are glad they refurbished rather than replaced their outdoor furniture.

Making Old Furniture as Good as New

We use only materials of the highest quality when we’re restoring your chairs and lounges. Each piece of furniture receives the careful attention of an experienced craftsman for optimal quality control. Our new replacement slings for patio furniture and other materials are available in dozens of colors, so you can update your furniture to match your design goals.


Over time, exposure to the elements, wear and tear, pool chemicals, and other factors will take a toll on your outdoor furniture. You’ll notice fading, discoloration, peeling, and weakened seating fabrics. The good news is that these normal aging processes don’t have to take a heavy toll on your wallet. We’ll repair your furniture and return it stronger and more attractive than ever before. We are specialists in the re-strapping and powder coating of outdoor furniture, and we’ll make sure that you enjoy the full product lifespan of your chairs and lounges.


Contact us at (800) 622-1901 or for your free estimate. Conveniently located in Willow Grove, PA, we pick-up and drop-off furniture for customers in CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA, and DC.

What we do:

  • Brown Jordan Refinishing
  • Brown Joran Restoration
  • Brown Jordan Repair
  • Powdercoating
  • Custom replacement slings
  • Furniture restrapping & relacing
  • Pick up & delivery in CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA, DC
  • Direct shipping of Brown Jordan parts, slings & straps.
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