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When someone chooses The Southern Company for Brown Jordan repair, they are assured a professional service and product.  Every piece of furniture that leaves our warehouse is 100% guaranteed.  As part orf the refurbishing process, you will be given instructions on how to care for your newly restored Brown Jordan furniture to keep it looking brand new.  Knowing what to use for cleaning is important.   The knowledge of what not to use....even more so.  Your original investment in Brown Jordan is worth preserving.  Save money by recycling and reinvesting in what you already own.


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             Reinvest by Recycling

Since 1985 The Southern Company has specialized in Brown Jordan repair. Our sole business is repainting, restrapping & reslinging high end patio furniture. Brown Jordan repair is our bread and butter.


Brown Jordan outdoor furniture was manufactured to last for generations. It just can use a little professional help once in a while.

The idea of refurbishing your Brown Jordan patio furniture can be quite daunting, and it is also a task that can be easily given over to an expert company for a very reasonable amount.  You can have your Brown Jordan refinished and looking brand new for much less than it would cost to replace the set!


What can actually be refurbished on outdoor furniture?


The seating area on outdoor patio furniture is the first to show wear and tear.  The fabric slings and vinyl strapping have the tendency to weather before the paint.  The sun can damage straps and slings by causing fading, discoloration and brittleness.  Also chemicals like suntan oil, chlorine, cleaning solutions and acid rain will cause the seating to prematurely age.  If your cleaning process no longer does the job then it might be time for a little TLC.


Individual parts on your Brown Jordan patio furniture will need to be repaired occasionally.  Glides at the bottom of the legs on your pool furniture will wear with time.  Adjustment brackets on chaise lounges can break.  Swivel mechanisms will need replacement.


We repair more Brown Jordan patio furniture than any other line.  We are specialists in powdercoating, sling replacement and relacing.


In short, there is very little that cannot be completely refinished on your pool or patio furniture.  Give us a call for a free estimate.  You can save money and protect your investment by Brown Jordan refurbishing.

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